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Toronto Notes 2018 Cover Illustration

Toronto Notes 2018 & 2019 Cover Illustrations


Toronto Notes is a study reference for the Canadian MCCQE and USMLE Step II medical licensing exams, available in print and as a colourized e-book. As an illustration editor, I collaborated with my co-editors (Matan Berson in 2018 and Julia Devorak in 2019) to design the cover and to co-ordinate the production of new in-text illustrations. 

Audience: Medical students

Clients: Toronto Notes 

Media: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Format: Print (textbook)

Date: September, 2018 & September, 2017

Toronto Notes 2019 

Toronto Notes 2018 Cover 


final illustration


thumbnail sketches


rough line art

Toronto Notes 2018

TN2018 Neuroanatomy Photoshop Painting

final illustration based on client feedback

TN2018 cover illustration sketch

pencil sketch

TN2018 Neuroanatomy photoshop painting original

original illustration

TN2018 cover illustration sketch brain

photoshop brain line art using 3D brain model for reference

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