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renal drugs
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stevens-johnson syndrome icon
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Pharmacology You See

Pharmacology You See is an exam study aide for health professional students that addresses clinical therapeutics. Annie Tseng, Chelsea Canlas and I collaborated on producing all the visuals featured in this reference manual. We each designed and illustrated a set of adverse drug reaction icons and chapter summary figures to accompany the text. Displayed on this page are the illustrations and icons I designed. 

Audience: Students in health professional disciplines

Clients: Pharmacology You See Editors


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe illustrator CC

Format: Print (textbook, 5x7 inches)

Date: May, 2018

Chapter Summary Figures

cardiology drugs diagram
digestive system drugs diagram
endocrine drugs diagram
urology drugs diagram

Adverse Drug Reaction Icons

hyperkalemia icon
thromboembolism icon
methemoglobinemia icon
hypertriglyceridemia icon
hyperglycemia icon
hemolytic anemia icon
aplastic anemia icon
megaloblastic anemia icon
thrombocytopenia icon
agranulocytosis icon
neutropenia icon
hypertension icon
pericarditis icon
tachycardia icon
heart block icon
torsades des points icon
hypotension icon
arrhythmia icon
myocardial infarction icon
cardiovascular toxicity icon
miosis icon
myrdriasis icon
diplopia icon
red/green color blind icon
cataracts icon
blurred vision icon
weight loss icon
weight gain icon
sedation icon
orange body fluids icon
myopathy icon
hyperpigmentation icon
photosensitivity icon
sulfa allergy icon
p450 cyp inhibitors icon
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