Mexico's Cenotes
Exhibit Animation

This animation depicts how cenotes, water-filled sinkholes, are formed in the Mexican Yucatán peninsula over hundreds of thousands of years from glacial erosion. Displayed on a mounted TV screen next to the Vancouver Aquarium’s exhibit on Mexico’s Cenotes in the Tropics Gallery, the animation was created for visiting aquarium guests.


Provided with a script from the client, I drew the storyboards, designed the visual assets, animated, composited and rendered the final animation.


Vancouver Aquarium Guests

Lay Audience

Client: Ocean Wise 


Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Date:  July, 2019


Illustrations & Designs

Sailfin molly

False firemouth cichlid

Firemouth cichlid

Mosquito fish

Lily Pads

Cenote cave collapse

Motion Graphics

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