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Sylvia Robinson v. State Farm

Intended for use as demonstrative evidence, the goal of these medical legal illustrations is to clarify complex medical information based on the plaintiff’s MRIs and radiological reports. Design challenges included how to visually explain neuroradiology imaging to a non-medical audience and how to clarify spatial complexity inherent to the affected anatomy. Our solution was to contextualize the MRI planes within 3D space to teach neuroanatomy and describe the patient trauma. 


This was a team assignment for a medical legal visualization course, including Chelsea Canlas, Lucas Lin, Felix Weiler and myself. Specifically, Lucas and I collaborated on the rendering of Sylvia’s face and neuroanatomy.

Audience: Canadian courtroom

Client: Leila Lax BA, BScAAM, MEd, PhD


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe illustrator CC

Format: Print (32x42 inch panels)

Date: December, 2017

Process Work

medical legal sketch 1
medical legal sketch 2

Visual Case Evidence Initial Conceptualizations

medical legal sketch 3
medical legal sketch 4

Visual Case Evidence Refined Conceptualizations

medial legal neuroanatomy photoshop painting
medical legal neuroanatomy photoshop painting



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