Medical Genomics: From Research to Patient Care​
Explainer Animation

This 2D animation presents an overview of medical genomics and describes how recent advancements are impacting healthcare. Created primarily for prospective graduate students interested in the UofT MHSc Medical Genomics program, this video received an Award of Excellence in the Student Animation category by the Association of Medical Illustrators in their 2018 salon. 

In collaboration with my teammates Chelsea Canlas and Annie Tseng, we co-wrote, storyboarded, and designed the visual assets. As the lead animator, I was responsible for the animatic and most of the character animation.

Audience: Educated lay audience


Nick Woolridge BFA, BScBMC, MSc, CMI

Erin Styles BSc, PhD


Adobe Illustrator CC

Toon Boom Harmony

Adobe After Effects CC

Date: May, 2018



Design Concepts

Character Animations

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